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Basketball rack assembly should be noted
- Dec 29, 2016 -

1. Installers open the package after the first basket of the column and the arm components, tightly connected with the screws firmly together

2. firmly connected to the bottom of the bottom of the basketball into the pre-buried pit, the use of support to the basketball rack was 45 degrees and then firmly supported the basket basketball basket with a solid connection

3. After the connection should be backboard and basketball support rod installed, to assist the relevant personnel to install the rebounds, first determine the installation personnel to leave the basketball and the corresponding location, can let go and leave.

4. Basketball stand after the stand height calibration height, this time in front of the basketball frame must be used to support the relevant support to prevent the occurrence of tilt, or injury to the staff.

5 tempered glass rebounds when the installation of five connection points must be in a plane to ensure the uniform force of five points; the other arm, basketball board, basketball circle this part of three also into a line. But remember that the probe arm, the basketball ring Mo and basketball board in contact. After the final installation of the basketball frame need to be debugged.