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Different outdoor fitness equipment play a role
- Dec 29, 2016 -

Different outdoor fitness equipment can play what role

Outdoor fitness equipment is usually divided into single-function and integrated multi-functional two categories.

Rowing device: the main arm strength and action to enhance coordination. Enhance cardiovascular function.

Power Bike: Mainly enhances leg strength.

Jianbu: The main exercise legs, waist, abdominal muscles and heart and lung function.

Treadmill: The main exercise legs, buttocks, waist, abdominal muscles and heart and lung function. Reduce excess fat waist and abdomen

Comprehensive outdoor fitness equipment generally include chest expansion, pull-up, supine, sit-ups and other outdoor fitness equipment function. Chest expansion, pull-up, supine recommendation is mainly exercise upper arm strength and pectoralis major strength; sit-ups exercise the main lumbar muscles. And the use of indiscriminate use, the first person to the gym will be curious about the equipment. This can easily lead to sports injuries. This damage is relatively concentrated in the shoulder, elbow, spine and knee joints, and some muscle strain.