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It is important to use outdoor exercise equipment to protect yourself
- Dec 29, 2016 -

Use outdoor fitness equipment Before exercise to do some preparatory activities, when the body is in a quiet state suddenly by the impact of strenuous exercise, will produce some adverse reactions. Therefore, in the use of outdoor fitness equipment before exercise, do some simple preparation action, such as activities about the wrist and ankle, press the legs.

Many people do not have extra time to work because they have to work during the day, and are here to remind you not to exercise immediately after a meal. Some people like to exercise after a meal to the outdoor fitness equipment, this is a very wrong approach. Because if the exercise immediately after a meal will inhibit the secretion of digestive juice in the stomach, movement of blood circulation will accelerate the digestive organs of the blood volume is relatively reduced, very easy to cause indigestion, long-term carelessness, may cause chronic stomach, Affect our health.