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Misunderstanding of Outdoor Fitness Equipment in the Elderly Movement
- Dec 29, 2016 -

1. Use outdoor fitness equipment do not exercise too much. People who used to take part in physical exercise. Generally not more than 110 beats per minute is appropriate not to exceed the maximum 120 times / min. In the past do not often or do not participate in physical exercise of the old comrades first choose their own sports. Warm-up 10 to 15 minutes. This can prevent twisting ankle neck, twisting and nerve damage.

2. Use outdoor fitness equipment Exercise must be prepared before the event.

3. After the campaign to do some sorting activities. Because after exercise, telangiectasia. People's blood in the body's distal can not return to the heart  will feel heart oppressed  have high blood pressure and heart disease of the old comrades  after exercise but also go  buffer for about 10 minutes. Left not less than 30 minutes.

4. To master the exercise time of outdoor fitness equipment. Old friends exercise time every time the best in 40 minutes, not more than 1 hour. The "fitness path" in the community of sports equipment is divided into four types. Equipment usually also pay attention to community "fitness path" fitness equipment can generally be divided into body structure movement can also be called anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise and body flexibility training three. The use of these devices can assist in the treatment of biomechanics, energy overload and neurological and psychiatric disorders. According to the functions of various types of equipment. High pressure is not representative of health. Suggested maximum can not shoulder. First, stretching class. There are ribs wooden frame, horizontal bar and other pressure leg to bar equipment. Such movements do not advocate the elderly hard leg or leg lift very high to pressure. Because the elderly in the muscle and soft tissue in the lower water use waist training device also be very careful.