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Why outdoor fitness equipment has been severely damaged
- Dec 29, 2016 -

1, residential properties and related national social and public service agencies on the outdoor fitness equipment for regular maintenance and inspection. As some fitness equipment in the long-term use of the process, there will inevitably loosen the screws and other issues. Outdoor fitness equipment on the need for residential property for regular inspection and maintenance, fitness equipment found in the presence of security risks in a timely reminder to inform the district residents and the general public.

2, outdoor fitness equipment need the protection of the general public use. Fitness equipment is the state to provide the public with the public fitness equipment, this fitness eliminates the need to go to clubs and other places of fitness money. Because of these outdoor fitness equipment has a common, and does not require the public their own funds, many people do not pay attention to the use of fitness equipment care and maintenance.

3, the majority of the public to form a social monitoring force between each other. Outdoor fitness equipment safety and normal use of the vital interests of the general public, the public found in outdoor fitness equipment damage to the relevant departments in time to reflect, but also to supervise the outlaws and other outdoor fitness equipment, intentional destruction.