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Fitness Equipment Life
- Dec 29, 2016 -

The first category: the other without any active parts of the stability of equipment. Such as fixed tread, balance beam fixed ladder, climbing wall, sit-ups and so on, because there is no wear and tear of various components, collision and other phenomena, in the outdoor environment and the same set in the basic management of the use of basic conditions , The safety life of 6 years.

The second category: is a bar surface elastic performance of sports equipment. Such as the horizontal bar and parallel bars; because the operator fitness movement from the ground high, with a certain degree of difficulty and risk of movement, and prolonged use of elastic deformation caused by easy to make bar fatigue crack and fracture in the reference competitive horizontal bar Safe life of 1 year on the basis of the provisions of the safe life of 2 years.

The third category: is a rotation, swing or slide, and other activities with various types of parts and components of the equipment. In the course of the use of various types of active parts and components of the phenomenon of regular wear and tear, refer to the normal life of normal machinery and equipment in the outdoor environment and set the basic management of the use of unused conditions, combined with the use of outdoor Fitness equipment life, to determine the safety of such equipment life of 4 years.