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For Good Health
- Feb 26, 2018 -

In the natural law of " athletics balance athletics", we must constantly break this balance and constantly push forward the development of good aspects.Exercise from 3 to 5 hours after meals helps to lose weight, such as walking, dancing, jogging, aerobics, cycling, and so on.

Exercise should be adjusted according to the capacity of your body, from small amount gradually to appropriate increments, grouped to complete, and do not repeat as much as possible every week.To a certain extent, try another way of exercise, from simple to complex, the process is called adaptation to fatigue.

The choice of exercise should be based on the physical and physical stages of your body, not to say that as long as it is exercise, any form will do.It should be kept in two or three ways at a time. There is no need for too much at one time. It takes up too much time and causes body pain due to sudden increase in exercise volume, which makes it difficult to maintain normal exercise.Also, it is good to exercise five times a week, no need to overdo it, but the most important thing is to stick to it. It is best to keep exercise every week.

Exercise is not related to sweating, because the body's sweat glands are not the same, and there are two kinds of active conservatives, which are related to heredity.Exercise can only help to stretch, increase agility and enhance physical fitness, and achieve its own plan. Of course, follow-up exercise can be deepened according to its own way, not necessarily sweating, so as not to cause bodily injury.