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Men's Favorite Fitness Equipment
- Dec 29, 2016 -

Dumbbells. Dumbbell is a very good cost-effective equipment, not only easy to use, you can also "one device." Now sell chrome steel "wisdom dumbbell", as long as the rotation of the dumbbell top of the digital plate, you can choose six different weight levels for different people to exercise.

Soft ball. Softball The soft, large ball of this vinyl material can be used to exercise strength and flexibility. The soft ball on the home, fitness who lie on the ball can do a variety of stretching exercises. Lying on the ball, sitting on the ball, can exercise different parts of the strength and flexibility. If the home area is small, there is no place to put the ball, you can use it to replace the chair, people sitting on the ball, you can exercise strength and improve balance.

Reebok board. Reebok is a fitness board and arm strength multi-purpose machine, which is both lifting the fitness board, can also be used to practice arm strength. Fitness who like to practice in the dual-use machine arm strength, you can pull the top of his hands to pull the top two rubber strap bracelet, you force the greater the retraction of the rubber belt is also greater.

Super cushion. Super cushion at home fitness is the biggest drawback is not timely to get the coach's feedback. Super Pad The biggest selling point is the scale above, can help you to practice yoga, Pilates, stretching to keep the body in a straight line, or help you to measure their progress is rapid. When you press the leg, you can easily see that they are in the first line, or has more than a second line.

Medical fitness ball. Medical Fitness Ball This weight different fitness ball is colorful and easy to use. The most important thing is that it allows you to force training in the body to avoid force, and will focus on training in a few pieces of muscle. Such a purposeful movement can better train strength, flexibility, and balance lost with age.