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- Jan 19, 2018 -

 It turns out that scientific training and a reasonable diet can increase muscles for a short time.

 1.The muscles grow at the time of rest, so do not do exercise too much.The same muscle group takes 48-72 hours of rest to exercise again. There is no enough rest time for the muscles to get bigger and thicker.

 2.Its better to exercise big muscles group than everything.It’s to focus on training bench press, shoulder, squat and dead lift.Don't spend too much time on a single muscle, especially in the first 3 or 4 months of the start of the exercise.

 3.Barbells and dumbbells(Free weights)are irreplaceable.The well - equipped gym usually has a lot of large composite devices. Please don't spend too much time on it - barbells and dumbbells are the best.


 4.The action should be in place, and do not pursue the heavy weight to cause injury.Only when the action is in place can we achieve the best exercise effect. In order to look good, it is meaningless to make big weight by cutting off the work.,always pay attention to prevent injury,especially hard pull, this action must be careful in weight.


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