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State Sports General Administration Of Sports Equipment Center
- Dec 29, 2016 -

Sports Equipment Equipment Center and the China Sporting Goods Industry Association stakeholders in recent years with China's sports industry and the rapid development of sports industry, China's sports standardization work is also synchronized with the current has been officially promulgated the implementation of sports standards 364 Items, including sports, construction and service venues, facilities and equipment, sports information and other six categories. These standards promulgated and implemented, for the protection of sports, promote the development of the sports industry, has played a huge role in promoting; but also see that China's sports standardization work, in terms of adapting to China's economic development pattern of national strategic requirements , Or with the international advanced countries and domestic advanced industry, its standard quantity, quality and implementation of the output efficiency, there are still considerable room for improvement; practice has proved that the quality of the work of upgrading is related to the mode of development.