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The Types Of Sports Equipment And Maintenance Knowledge
- Dec 29, 2016 -

1, on a variety of equipment, according to the provisions of fair use, the weight of the block to return to light, high-speed weight of the inserted slightly to save, not littering.

2, the indoor must maintain humidity, so that parts of the movement of equipment from the invasion of dust in order to reduce wear and tear.

3, the various parts of the device, regular fuel fastening or replacement of wear parts.

4, the seat of the equipment if leather or leather surface should do cloth wrap, in order to facilitate cleaning and extend the service life.

5, the various parts of the device should be checked once a day to see whether the loose screws, with or without open welding fracture of the Department, if any anomalies should be promptly repaired to ensure the safety and integrity of equipment and timely use.

6, standing wearing parts, such as screws, wire rope, connectors, a little child, such as pulleys and grip. If lost and damaged, to be replaced.