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Winter Outdoor Fitness Should Pay Attention To What The Problem
- Dec 29, 2016 -

First, pay attention to warm, to prevent cold. Because the winter out of movement, in order to facilitate activities, often wear less, in the way to the training site is very easy to catch cold. So it is best to put on a coat, and other activities opened and then off. Again, just finished the exercise, because the blood circulation quickly, the body is rapidly cooling, so a short period of time do not feel cold. But this time the pores open, cold air is easy to stimulate the body, resulting in hidden injury, and so feel cold, in fact, the body has been a large extent against the. Physical cold is likely to bring muscle spasms, increased fatigue response, decreased resistance until the discomfort or the incidence of hidden dangers, so after the movement should also be put on coat, good warm work.

Second, make full preparations for activities. Winter cold, vasoconstriction, poor blood circulation, muscles and ligaments are relatively tight, then fierce force, it is likely to cause muscle strain, ligament tear or fracture. Therefore, the preparatory activities must be done, not only violent activities should be so, even if walking, jogging is the same.

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